Agnes by Jorge Zea


Agnes wakes up every morning very early with the sun. She looks all day through her window on the second floor of the old building. The building is being demolished in a couple of months and she already knows it. She has lived in this room since when everybody died.

Only Lady Rachel survived; she lives in number three and sings opera in the shower, but she doesn’t hit a note.

As if Agnes would know, she is deaf since birth… but a flirt.

She dined chickpeas with sausage and got ready to go out.

She put on her wig, chose a perfume from Paris.

Red feathers as earrings tonight.

Talc on her neck and chest; another sip of red wine.

Mascara to thicken her eyebrow; and lashes;

Blue eye shadow to match her blue eyes.

Opening the door she grabbed her rat, and went to the park to flirt with the sunset.



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