The Bard

The Bard by Jorge Zea

The Bard

Since he was a kid, at school, they accused him of irrational and crazy. He read the Greeks in rigorous order and Esopo’s fables. He learned mathematics with Pythagoras and physics with Einstein without using a calculator.

When he was a teenager he traveled the world and dreamed himself a dragon and a knight at the same time. He stood at Ararat with Emzara and Noah and crossed the Red Sea with Moses.

He was locked in a house with bars on the windows and from there he discovered America with Triana when he saw land first from La Pinta’s crow’s nest. He rode on horseback through Mongolia and became Genghis Khan. He liberated faraway lands and sailed the seven seas without leaving his immense cell.

They made him take medicines that trimmed his wings but not his prodigious ability to write stories and he became a bard, a fortune-teller and a poet.

Now he lives his old years peacefully because now he knows without mistake, that all of these were only dreams. Only dreams created by the infinite abyss of his mind.

He now lives with complete serenity his unique and peremptory reality because he discovered, at last, his true identity: he now knows that he is just Napoleon returning to his native Corcica to die among his people.

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