Waiting for the Parade

waiting for the parade by jorge zea

We grew up!

…happily we found each other and without noticing, we grew wings.

We flew and flew throughout the world looking at landscapes and characters with smiles and with tears.

We were art.

We were part of a parade with chariots, clowns, jugglers and mythical beings.

We rocked back and forth hanging from branches of trees … and we flew.

We made part of life’s parade with colorful laughs and crystal tears.

Drifted through the mysterious world of dreams …and we flew.

We were part of the parade with cars of war and saw soldiers hypnotized by the tongue of parade’s  grand master that guided them unconscious to the abyss.

And in silence we saw them sliding to the deep abyss of bullets and cannons …and we flew.

…and without noticing it our wings became stronger and we decided to wait for new parades.

…and we flew!


Jorge Zea

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